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What is
Kosher Tape?


Kashrus tape is printed tape used to validate that a package containing food has not been tampered with after it has left the cooking facility. Kashrus tape is used any time certified food is transported. It is an essential component for any business that prepares kosher food. In order for tape to qualify as validation, the tape must be printed so that it is noticeable if tampered with. Your tape will be printed with your company’s logo, phone number, website and any other information of your choice as well as the kashrus symbol of the certifying organization.


Our best selling tape is our custom printed polypropylene tape. We offer tan, white and transparent tape at the most competitive prices.

Polypropylene tape offers excellent performance and sticks quickly. It is perfect for sealing cardboard boxes, clamshell packages, paper bags, food boxes, deli containers, sandwich boxes and light bundling.

In addition to our number one polypropylene tape, we also offer freezer tape and pvc tape to augment your business needs.

Our wide variety of standard ink colors includes black, reflex blue, process blue, orange, maroon, red, rubine red, and green. We also offer Pantone color matching.

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Kosher Tape Plus is Baltimore's leading supplier of specialty tapes for the food industry. We built our company on an excellent work ethic and dedication to our customer's needs. We offer you timely price estimates, expert layout, and professional advice to insure your satisfaction on every order.

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