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Secure printed products for the food industry.

Are you a Kosher Restaurant?


Does your restaurant offer delivery or use a delivery service such as UberEats? Any business that prepares kosher food knows that the food cannot be certified kosher unless it remains sealed from the time it leaves the packing facility to the time it arrives at its destination.  Kashrus tape is used to seal packages containing kosher items and can easily indicate if the package has been tampered with. If the seal is damaged or broken, the food inside can no longer be considered certified as kosher. At Kosher Tape Plus, we believe that this crucial tape can also be a marketing opportunity for your business. Along with the symbol of the certifying kashrus organization, we include your company’s logo, contact details and any other information you choose so that you can promote your brand while keeping things kosher.


Why use Kosher Tape Plus?

  • We have the expertise to advise our customers which tape material would work best in their environment.
  • FREE tape layout design.
  • Initial proof within 24-48 hours!
  • Low case minimum!
  • NO DIE CHARGE on 10 cases or more!