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What Kosher People Want Their Event Planner to Know

Dear Event Planner,

An example of a properly served kosher meal. The food is completely wrapped, with a double tape seal keeping it shut.

As someone who travels frequently for business, I attend many types of events all over the world. My one requirement for these events is that I am served a kosher meal. Unfortunately, my meal commonly comes unwrapped and on a regular plate, and the waiter or chef may not understand why this is problematic for someone who eats kosher food. Because of this issue, I have gone hungry on multiple occasions.

Here are a few points that will explain the requirements of a truly kosher meal:

  • Comes from a valid and certified kosher caterer or restaurant
  • The meal is double-wrapped if it will be heated in a non-kosher oven
  • The meal is properly double-sealed with a tamper-evident seal such as kosher tape or stickers that seal the package or wrapping
  • The meal remains sealed until I (the consumer) open it
  • Cutlery is new and unused (plastic cutlery is fine)
  • Water pitcher provided with meal does NOT include lemon (the lemon could have been cut with a non-kosher knife)

It is imperative that any facility serving kosher meals to guests meet these requirements. If the above points are not met, someone like me who keeps kosher won’t be able to eat their meal, and the food will be wasted.

Taking care to ensure that kosher meals are properly prepared and served is greatly appreciated and surely makes your business stand out.

– Dovid M. (Baltimore, MD)