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Keep Pesach Kosher with Removable Passover Tape & Stickers

Pesach can be a busy time filled with cleaning, organizing and stressing. Through the chaos of clearing homes and businesses of all chometz, it can be easy to confuse which areas have already been cleaned and which are off-limits. Especially in a space that is used by a lot of people, it can be utterly discombobulating to keep track of what is and what is not Kosher for Pesach.


Fortunately, Kosher Tape Plus has a quick and simple solution: Pesach and Chometz tape and stickers! These products stick to smooth surfaces, cabinets, drawers, appliances, countertops and more, and are printed with large, bold text that indicates which areas are being marked. We offer 3 great options for Passover products:

1. Chometz Tape:

roll of tape printed with "Chometz -- do not open" in red ink

1″ x 60 yd roll of chometz tape

    New for Pesach 2019, this tape does a great job of sealing cabinets, ovens, pantry doors or anywhere else that may contain chometz. This 1” tape comes in a 60’ roll and is clearly printed in bold red ink with the words, “CHOMETZ – DO NOT OPEN.” An oven or cabinet sealed off with chometz tape is hard to miss, so it can greatly reduce mix-ups in the kitchen.  The tape is also very effective in commercial settings — keep areas within your restaurant, catering company, Pesach hotel or other kosher business protected from employees who may be forgetful or uninformed! The best part about this tape is that after Pesach ends, it can be easily peeled off without leaving any sticky residue.


 2. Chometz stickers:

pack of 12 stickers that say "Chometz -- do not open"

12 pack of Chometz stickers

      Like the tape, chometz stickers are great for marking areas around the home or business that contain chometz and should not be opened. These glossy stickers come in packs of 12 and are clearly printed in bold red ink with the words, “CHOMETZ – DO NOT OPEN.” They work well for labeling the chometz areas where tape use may be impractical or where just a small place needs to be marked! Use these stickers to show which drawers, shelves, cabinets etc. should not be touched. Because they are also removable (no sticky residue!), they can be peeled off and re-applied to different areas as needed during Pesach prep. And of course they work in commercial settings too; their convenience and easy application makes them a quick solution to labeling chometz areas in a busy restaurant, hotel or any other kosher establishment.


3. Kosher for Passover stickers:

12 pack of stickers that are printed with "Kosher for Passover" in purple ink

12 pack of Kosher for Passover stickers

    Among all the labeling of off-limits areas, it is also important to mark which areas ARE kosher for Pesach. Our glossy kosher for Passover stickers come in packs of 12 and are clearly printed in bold purple ink with the words, “KOSHER FOR PASSOVER.” Use them to label your clean, chometz-free areas of the kitchen during Pesach. Their distinctive purple color is great for families with children who cannot read yet; the kids can easily understand that red means no and purple means yes! The stickers adhere nicely to many different types of surfaces: countertops, wallpaper, pantry doors etc., and like all of our Pesach products, they peel off cleanly with no sticky residue which allows for easy removal.